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Audit logs

As property managers, your focus should be to serve the tenants and let the software keep track of potential security breaches or internal misuses of information. Pinpoint problems. Reconstruct events. Detect intrusions. Coming soon

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Is there a slow day in property management?

Stop worrying about it. Audit trails are designed to help you save the day when things go bad. Audit log activity

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Track date, time and activity of every user

Keeping detailed records of daily activities allows further visibility into employees’ actions and helps to keep that company more secure. For example, audit logs act as a detective control because their trails provide evidence if a hacker or user engages in unauthorized activity.

  • Increased Security

    Having detailed audit logs can protect you from liability during legal battles.

  • Manage risk

    Audit logs play an important role in your overall risk management strategy, demonstrating to customers, business partners and regulators that you have made a thorough effort to protect against and prevent potential problems before they occur.

  • Comply with tax regulations and federal laws

    Audit logs can be used as proof of regulatory compliance during an audit and can help a company fulfill its record-keeping requirements for compliance purposes.

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