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With JumboTiger, running your coliving and student housing is easy with one place to market, manage, and invoice.

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Designed and developed by co-living operators

JumboTiger started off as SimplyGuest in 2015, a pioneer in co-living and shared living. JumboTiger is designed ground up to handle complexities of shared living.

Efficiently manage co-living operations

Operating co-living property is like running a village. Many things happen simultaneously. JumboTiger is designed for this.

  • Screen community members

    Set up tenant application rules for incoming residents. JumboTiger provides powerful tools to design your application flow.

  • Powerful scheduling software

    Allow prospects to self schedule showings directly from your website. JumboTiger syncs your team's calendar in real time. Read more

  • Contact center for services

    Manage in house staff efficiently. Bring in external vendors for additional services. JumboTiger gives you tools to manage these.

Workflow management in JumboTiger

Tools to build community and nurture it

JumboTiger comes equipped with essential tools to manage your community. Don't let your data scatter in multiple places.

  • Organize events, activity and roster

    Let your community self organize itself. Give them the tools to manage social activities and get out of their way.

  • Best practices. House rules. Common knowledge

    Create common rules that govern your community. It's auto-published on community portal. Replaces Zendesk/Freshdesk.

  • Give context to your communication

    Slack/WhatsApp doesn't understand you are part of a co-living community. JumboTiger does. It remembers and shows you the context. Replaces Slack/WhatsApp.

Tools to build community and nurture it

Trusted by co-living operators all over the world

Everything in JumboTiger is customizable. Configure it to suit your community and style of operations.


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A professional marketing website built for you

SEO optimized website complete with photos, Google Maps integration, booking and scheduling tools to attract right prospects and convert them to customers.

Area/Locality wise listings with landmarks

Better organize your business; create areawise listings on your website and create landmark pages to attract nearby leads. JumboTiger saves you web designing cost.

  • Image SEO

    Our onboarding process makes it easy to upload and organize your property photos. JumboTiger optimizes these images for SEO.

  • URL Structure

    JumboTiger creates the URL structure and breadcrumbs with all your live properties.

  • Sitemaps, Deeplinking

    The sitemaps are automatically created and updated regularly with search engines for your marketing website for Google to index it properly.

JumboTiger builds a professional marketing website

“Co-living is 1/3 property management, 1/3 operations, and 1/3 people management. First few years were difficult dealing with so many moving things. Thankfully JumboTiger guys understand this pretty well and have designed a robust software solution. It's surpisingly a well thought out product.”

Elizabeth Black
CEO, Embassy Village

Simple no-tricks pricing

If you're not satisfied, contact us within the first 14 days and we'll send you a full refund.

Save big with JumboTiger

JumboTiger replaces the following tools. Plus, the hassle of dealing with integration issues.

Save >$147 a month

  • Slack - $6.67/month per user

  • Dropbox $15/month per user

  • Zendesk $15/month per user

  • zInspector/HappyCo - $22/month per user

  • Intercom $59/month per user

  • Algolia - $29/month

$50 + $5/bed



Resident portal for community members

Keep all information together in a secure and personalized tenant portal.

“...we manage our entire community with JumboTiger and it's been a breath of fresh air. The software is just beautiful. As if it was designed for me.”

Jonathan Price, Community Manager
Inbox user interface

All-in-one platform

From marketing and booking to maintenance and communication, you can do everything from our all-in-one solution.

Tenant internal movements
Move tenants easily across your properties. Invoices and documents adjusted.
Generate tenant FAQs
Create tenant/owner FAQs using a drag and drop UI. Hosted on marketing website instantly.
Manage discounts
Add discounts to address demand fluctuations and adjust seasonal pricing.
Expense management
Track companywide expenses and link them to properties, services, and utilities.
Owner portal
Share revenue reports and tenant info easily with property owners. Updated in real time.
Email Automation
Automate customer journey with branded emails for each stage of your booking and tenant process.
Multi Calendars
View your entire portfolio in one place, actively managing your availability and operations.
Mobile app for operations
Distribute work and track staff location in real time. Inspections and visit scheduling included.

JumboTiger has been instrumental in providing excellent property management services. They are quick, flexible, friendly. Their support is top notch. Quick and helpful.

Lisa White, Sunrise Apartments
Lisa White
Sunrise Apartments

I have known these guys from their SimplyGuest days. They are responsive and open to input to help make their product even better. I highly recommend them!

Ben McKenzie, AirBnB
Ben McKenzie

Reports designed for humans

Angel’s Stay

How many beds are occupied on a given day?

Lifetime Value

View Lifetime Value (LTV) of a customer. It helps you plan your marketing costs.

Revenue reports

Get a detailed report about revenue with breakups and segmentation.

Accounting exports

Export a data dump suitable for accounting and importing in to other software systems.

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