Smart calendars

Self scheduled showings

Allow your customers to self schedule showings and property viewings directly from your website. JumboTiger syncs your team's calendar in real time. Coming soon

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JumboTiger on-boarding process

Open your calendar to prospective customers

Avoid the unproductive back-and-forth communication. Let JumboTiger match your calendar with your customers' availability.

Optimize calendar for better conversions

Specify what days and timings you are available to show your property. Have separate showing windows for different properties.

  • Customers want to view on weekends

    Don't ruin your weekend. Specify a time window on weekends. JumboTiger will schedule viewings only during this time.

  • Give control back to the customer

    They pick a time and the event is added to your calendar.

  • Smart notifications will improve conversion rate

    We'll send confirmation and reminder emails and texts to improve no‑show rates


Reduce no-shows by 75%

Text confirmations before a showing reduce the likelihood of no-show by 75%.

  • Auto-cancellations

    JumboTiger will auto-cancel if the prospective customer doesn't confirm in time.

  • Configurable reminders

    Set multiple reminders. 1, 2, 4, or 12 hours before. Customer will be notified at these intervals. Reminders will stop if customers confirms at anytime.

JumboTiger on-boarding process

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You control your calendar

Setup is easy. Let JumboTiger know your availability preferences and it’ll do the work for you.

  • Buffers & Daily limits

    Add extra time before or after showings. Cap the number of viewings per day

  • Minimum scheduling notice

    Avoid last minute showings and give yourself enough time to prepare, or drive to the site

  • Cluster adjacent viewings

    JumboTiger's intelligent algorithms will group showings to reduce your travel time.


Instant answers with cloud contact center

Prospective tenants can talk to you right in the property web page where they have all the context.

  • Chatbot for intelligent answers

    Embed chat bot in the properties web page and let your prospective customers reach you.

  • Redirect to a person

    JumboTiger redirects to a real person when there is a need.

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Full Calendar

All your activity in one place.

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Artist House

“I love JumboTiger. It has made managing my properties so much easier and efficient. My earlier PMS tool was a glorified bookkeeper. JumboTiger gives me the real power of cloud based computer software. It makes you actually productive.”

Conrad Properties

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