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The issue tracker built to deliver happiness!

Submit, track and fix your maintenance issues faster with custom workflows, business rules and SLAs.

Log and track issues

Record maintenance issues easily, and track them based on desired criteria. Create custom views for your issue tracker tool so as to focus on issues that are the most time sensitive.

Capture context of the issue

Half the problem is solved if you capture all the relevant information. JumboTiger shows you all the available context at the time of rising an issue already.

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Join us in our journey

We are continuously innovating as we dogfood our software, and we write about our product-building experiences on our blog. You should read it. But we want our technology to be even better. So please let us know how you are using JumboTiger. We are open to your suggestions. Reach out to us with suggestions and critical feedback.

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Choose a workflow, or make your own

Every team has a unique process for running their business operations. Use an out-of-the-box configuration, or create one to match the way your team works.

Customize your maintenance process

Add your own ticket statuses, priorities, severity, work types, and maintenance categories. Learn more

Customize issue priorities

Not everything your customers say is critical. Define your own issue priorities and regain control of your time.

Define different states issues can be in

Tickets will have their own life-cycle. They can be in different states at different times. Define your own.

Create your own categories

Create categories and group your issues for better management. Use automations to auto-categorize incoming issues.

In-place team collaboration

Time is money in operations. Some decisions require you to act quickly. Taking decisions quickly requires you to have all the context of the issue.

See who else is online

JumboTiger shows you who is online on the screen you are on. You know who else is with you.

Ask a question. Get answers instantly.

Avoid building a context before you can ask a question. Just ask the question. Your colleague will know what the context is.

Powerful tools to manage your maintenance requests

Tools for your staff and customers to effectively manage and resolve tickets and improve your operational efficiency.

Comments and discussions

Allow your customers and staff to discuss and comment on the issue and provide more context.

SLAs and Escalations

Set expectations for response and resolution time. Measure how well your staff is able to meet time frames.

Rule Engine

Automatically assign issus based on conditions. Take additional actions based on rules.

Checklists and ToDo's

Attach checklists and to-do's to issues to effectively track and close the issue.

Issue Confirmations

Indicate if you want a photo or a video proof before an issue can be closed.


Send and receive notifications at every turn of the ticket life-cycle.

Real time updates

Receive notifications about changes in the ticket/issue in real time.

Prioritize and categorize issues

Prioritize the issues and categorize them based on the work required.

Everything about an issue in one place

Your staff requires context and more information related to the issue for effective resolution. JumboTiger makes sure all this information is present in one screen along with all the tools to fix it.

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