Mobile Inspections Document Everything

JumboTiger comes with an advanced mobile app for live property inspections, issue management, work order tracking and location reporting. It integrates seamlessly with JumboTiger PMS.

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Watch what’s happening live.

There is constant activity in property management. Tenant move ins, move outs, showings, service visits, owner interactions, vendor coordination, enquiries, delinquencies. They happen simultaneously. JumboTiger is built to address this real time nature of events.

  • Collaborative decision making

    Many decisions will require inputs from multiple people. Don't let time pass by.

  • Respond to your business events in real time, not after

    Some decisions in your business need to be taken immediately. Putting them off is expensive.

Video document your property

Imagine needing to list every possession in your home or apartment, along with each item's worth after your belongings have been stolen or destroyed in a fire or natural disaster. A visual record of your possessions shows proof of ownership. This can be accomplished with a video walk-through of your home or through a series of photographs. With JumboTiger's unlimited cloud storage you can store all your videos safe and secure.

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Variety of inspections

  • Move-In/Move-Out Inspections

  • Pre-Turn/Make-Ready Checks

  • Annual Apartment Inspections

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Appliance/machinary checklists

  • Safety/Regulatory Inspections

  • Common Area Checks

  • Pool/Hot Tub/Gym Inspections

  • Landscaping/Grounds Inspections

  • Interior/Exterior Lighting Checks

  • Security audits & Cameras checks

  • Equipment measurements

  • Property Logs (Water Leak, Snow)

  • Due Diligence/Lease File Audits

  • Construction/Rehabs Inspections

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JumboTiger created an inspection checklist automatically based on the floor plan I had entered during on-boarding. I like it that it connects all the information across the software.

Kelly Thomas
Heritage Properties

The app is incredibly smooth. I can create work orders directly from inspections and these get assigned to appropriate maintenance vendors based on the rules I had specified earlier. Its a killer!

Dino Meyer
DMR Holdings

Track wear and tear over time

JumboTiger inspections help you record wear and tear of your assets, appliances, and the property itself over time. Capture initial state using our on-boarding process and let mobile inspections take over to give you a comprehensive data about your properties. Compare the depreciation of assets against their return on investment (ROI).

Self inspections by tenants

Get your tenants to do self inspections. They are convenient, improve resident safety, and give you visibility into unit conditions without you visiting the property.

  • Save time and cost

    It saves time and lowers the risk of damage as tenants are made aware of the inspections.

  • No downloads needed

    Resident inspections are entirely web-based and don't require app downloads.

  • Bathroom
  • Garden


Increase NOI from your properties

Identify potential problems before they become expensive. Extend life of the property and its assets with preventive maintenance.

  • Tap & Snap photos

    High res photos are your most reliable quality control measure and best insurance against disputes. Take high quality photos with just a few taps.

  • Flexible layouts & Easy navigation

    Generate inspection templates from floor plans with drag and drop functionality. Choose from multiple rating formats — single select, multiple select or scales. Create your own custom rating icons.

  • PDF and email reports

    See satisfaction in your customer's eyes when you email them a beautiful report with photos and sign-off from both the parties.

  • Resident signatures

    Ensure inspections are legally compliant by requiring residents digitally sign. JumgoTiger adds time-stamped signatures to inspection reports automatically.

Can inspections help you better manage your properties?

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Inspections done right

Onsite visibility

Get real-time reporting and control for every unit and property you own or operate.

Remote monitoring

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Quality assurance

Monitor property operations in real time to ensure every property complies to quality standards.

Maintenance & Safety

Identify and action top maintenance, safety and regulatory issues across property operations.