Coliving Space: 7 reasons you should take it

Here is the list of seven reasons you should consider ditching the tiring house-hunting exercise and go for a co-living space instead.

No Landlord interference

The new generation of millennials, as we call them, don’t like interference; they like to live life on their own terms, and co-living spaces provide them all of it. It provides them the possibility of meeting new people, has exciting experiences, etc. In addition, most of the co-living spaces are tech-enabled, which makes it easy to communicate for any issues, so there is absolutely no need to be breathing down the tenant’s neck for small things.

Initial Settling

If you are moving to a new city, it is equally exciting and scary. Exciting because of the idea of meeting new people having new experiences, and exploring the unexplored. But scary enough to think about the hassles needed in the initial setup, the money involved, etc.

Co-living spaces are pre-furnished and do not ask for any initial cost. You can move in with your personal belongings and settle down.


If you choose to live in a co-living space, utilities like electricity, water, internet, cleaning, etc., are no longer your responsibility as the provider will take care of the same. You have to select the package which is good for your pocket and tada!! You get everything done.

Good Company

The possibility of having people from varied interests and skills increases multifold. Imagine you get a graphic designer, a coder, a doctor, an investment banker in the same building. The possibilities of what you could create in the comfort of your workspace within your living space are endless. So many companies are forming these spaces; if you have a knack for one, coliving spaces are definitely for you.


Many coliving spaces provide a functional gym, fitness, yoga classes at a very nominal cost, so traveling for your health is a thing of the past. Another reason the overall value proposition of coliving spaces is very attractive.


Many coliving spaces host many intimate and large events; these are great for networking and socializing. You can just run up the stairs and attend what can be a life-changing experience for you. Right from entrepreneurs sharing their stories to poetry to bands performing, they have everything.


These places do not come with a baggage of social or cultural biases. Instead, they provide infrastructure and let you define your own lifestyle. No more curfews, No more food restrictions. Just a complete functional infrastructure for you to live your lifestyle.


The coliving spaces insulate residents from getting cheated by vendors as there will be an established practice. An eco-system of all essential living elements will be established. So residents don't have to worry about difficulty finding them.