Advantages of coliving

Coliving is much more than a student flat or a university hall of residence. It's a new concept of communal living popular with millennials who live and work on their businesses under the same roof. Residents can network and establish synergies to help them with their business projects.

Sharing a home is the first step to independence for millions of young people. Some join forces with strangers to build homes, and others prefer youth hostels. Still, the most innovative opt for coliving spaces supporting entrepreneurship provide an atmosphere for sharing ideas, knowledge, and experiences. Moreover, the young generation sees coliving as an interesting lifestyle that facilitates:

Knowledge sharing

An opportunity to learn and improve your personal and professional horizon with new ideas and professional experiences of people you live with.

Networking and contacts

It's easy to get to know people and find new business opportunities.

Establishing synergies

They encourage professional cooperation and the creation of complementary projects to everyone's benefit.

Coliving with entrepreneurship

They're conceived and equipped to encourage creativity, innovation, and teamwork, 24 hours a day.

Weekly or monthly leases

Tenants are not tied to long leases. This continuous rotation enriches coliving with new experiences and points of view.

Living a sustainable lifestyle

Usually springs up in city centers so their inhabitants can walk, cycle or use public transport. They also use renewable energy and keep plastic use to a minimum.

Grow in a global environment

It's common to find a mix of residents of different nationalities, ethnicities, and cultures, further enriching the experience and enterprise. mentioned the top 6 benefits of coliving for you. You can check it out here.